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Hi! I'm Davide 🤟

Entrepreneur building stuff & creating for the web.

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About me

Building for the web — since 2012.

Now creating content, sharing knowledge and teaching others in their journey.
I learnt quite a lot since I started creating for the web more than a decade ago. And now, a new kind of fun begins. Follow the journey with me!


Sharing all I'm learning along the way.

Deeper Dive Into Hive’s Stable Coin HBD

This is a deeper dive into Hive’s stable coin HBD. We’ll take a look at what HBD is, the debt ratio, HBD savings account and the future outlook for Hive’s stable coin.
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Intro to HIVE, HBD and Hive Power

In this video today, we take a look at the concepts of HIVE, HBD and Hive Power. We also discuss the savings account for HBD, which lets you earn 20% APR on the stable coin of the Hive blockchain.
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Intro to the Economics of the HIVE Token

In this introduction to the economics of the HIVE token, we’ll cover how HIVE tokens are generated, what determines the price of HIVE and the distribution of the tokens on the Hive blockchain.
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