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The mission: As an entrepreneur, I'll find a way to add an extra income stream through web3.

First order of business is: Totally demystify blockchain technology and web3. Because, really, this stuff is way too complicated.

However, I need to keep reminding my self that this is not an academic exercise. My aim is to build an extra income stream through my work in web3...

...and teach my fellow creators how to do the same.

In fact, one of my goals is to help 100 creators monetize their work through web3 by 2025.

So, how am I gonna do that?

Understand the basics

Through the blog, and my content at large, I'll always keep going back to the basics.

Like an athlete preparing for the Olympics, if I get the basics right and keep training, everything will fall into place eventually.

Simplify the shit out of this

Again, this stuff is way too complicated. And, it seems to me, that they make it more and more complex every day.

My mission, therefore, is to stay away from needlessly complicated concepts and lingo and always keep the focus on building an extra income stream through web3.

Avoid giving financial advise

I'll make sure to share everything I learn, but remind people that all I say and write on this website and social media is not financial advise.

I do not make any claim or guarantee for any financial result. All content and information provided by me, Davide Di Prossimo, the one and only, is for general education and entertainment purposes only.