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Start a Business: The Basics

Starting a business is not for everyone. Go through these free resources to learn the basics and see if that's something you'd enjoy.

Build Your Product and Build in Public

It's time to create your first product. Don't start building in a vacuum though, start building in public.
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Growth Tactics to Find Clients

Now it's time to grow and find your first clients. Follow these proven tactics to get results as soon as possible.
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Use the Power of Copywriting

I analysed 1000+ landing pages and I extracted principles you can use even if you don't have a landing page or website. You can exploit the power of copywriting in your emails, social media posts and more; literally anywhere.
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Scale and Rethink Your Life

You've validated your product(s) and making sales, it's now time to scale your business and possibly rethink how, when, how much you want to work, and even where you want to live.
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