How to Use Lead Capture Forms on Your Landing Page

In this video, you'll learn how to to properly use the lead capture form on your landing page. Always keep in mind that the purpose of your landing page is to capture leads and their personal information. And, of course, you need to design the form in a way that it's enticing for people to leave their data.

You want to keep the focus on the incentive you're providing. This is usually a lead magnet.

The simplest lead capture form has a name field, an email address field and a CTA button. Some people ask even just for email. This is straight to the point and you can expect to collect more leads as opposed to a complex form. This is because the friction here is low.

You will probably get a good number of leads with a simple form, given the lack of frictions. However, these may not be as good as expected.

One way to make sure you get higher quality leads is to make the form longer a more complex to fill up. In this case, only those really interested in what you have to offer will take the time to fill up such a long lead generation form.

If you want to go for a middle ground, you can always split the lead capture form in multiple steps. You'll ask for name and email on step one, more information on step two and a bit more information on step three. You'll also have the CTA on step three.

So, what should you use? It all depends on your approach, your offer and your business goals. If you want higher quality leads, go for a longer form. On the other hand, if you want to do volume, go for a shorter form. The length and complexity of the form also depends on the type of lead magnets you're giving away as an incentive.

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