How to Use Copywriting to Boost Landing Page Performance

The words you write on your landing page are the very first thing people see, along with catchy visuals. The first thing that usually stands out is the headline and subheadline. Therefore, you should put a lot of focus here.

The first thing you want to do when it comes to copywriting is take inventory of the landing page elements that you'll need to fill up with words and content.

When it comes to copywriting, always choose clarity over being clever. Of course, you can be funny, but always be clear regarding your offer. Headline and subheadline should reinforce each other with their copy. However, avoid repeating the same words.

The copy you use on your CTAs is copy nonetheless. Therefore, remember to give a little thought to your button CTA copy as well.

Copy makes a great tool to use when defining the benefits of your offer for your customers. Always start with a benefit-driven copy from the top of the page (headline and subheadline) and continue using copy and defining benefits throughout the page.

In the video you'll discover some copy tips and tricks such as the following.

Sprinkle in negative and positive emotions. Both negative and positive words will help you catch the attention of web visitors and keep them on your page.

Avoid fluff and prove your true worth. It's one thing to just say that your brand is awesome, but another thing to prove it through examples: Relevant statistics, quotes, case studies etc.

Use copy to remove risk. If you can remove risk with guarantees, free trials, hassle-free return policies, this will only but help you increase the conversion rate of the landing page.

Moreover, remember to use in your copy things like specific numbers, strange characters, questions, social proof, scarcity and urgency elements, frequently asked questions.

Finally, remember that you're telling a story with your landing page, and there's nothing more effective than copywriting to achieve that.


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